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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 22, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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>> neil: all right. here is how impresstive spin room is. they're busy spinning nothing. no one is debating yet and they're spinning it in numbers we haven't seen before. imagine the crowd we haven't seen tonight. on it with your reaction, you name it tonight. 8:00 be there. >> greg: hello, i'm the bite-size battlers, greg gutfeld. courtroom cutie, kimberly guilfoyle. loveable lefty bob beckel. political dynamo andrea tantaros. and she still uses easy bake oven dana perino. from boca raton, florida, the super tan reagan fan, eric bolling. ♪ ♪ >> greg: media hacks say foreign policy doesn't matter. interesting how that works. you think if obama had a foreign policy, they would feel differently.
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foreign policy is the only thing that matters. even dana perino's barbie house has gun tur rants. when mitt ran the olympics did he declare war on jamaican bobsleders? if it's warmongering to protect the embassy personnel, mitt would say i'm for warmongering. it's awesome. to obama not blaming america is warmongering and blaming that stupid video. either it's a mess or a coverup. what can obama point to as foreign policy success? the things that it hasn't gotten worse? the president with no record to run on knows the negative can't prove it.
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what is obama afraid to say publicly many election he will say to putin after? obama has been hiding the foreign policy agenda until after the election. anything a middle age man hides from the world this carefully, it can't be good. all right. eric bolling is out in boca raton. how is boca raton? i always wanted to visit mexico. nice >> eric: it's beautiful. in florida, not mexico. a beautiful day. 85 and sunny. we got here, i got here around 11:00 this morning. people feeling the energy coming. at 3:00, the place was packed. energy is amazing. this is an epic debate. people are tuned in to what this is about. it jumped to senator john mccain first. what do you expect out of this and romney tonight? what do you expect out of
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obama? mccain said romney should make it clear he is not interested in fighting every fight and he has a policy of strength, peace through strength. as far as the president's concerned, let me just finish, as far as the president is concerned he said he thinks that president obama has been less than transparent with the american people. i bumped in to senator graham. he was vehement how important the debate was defining the foreign policiful he feels that obama's group is trying to redesign romney in a way he doesn't need to be defined on his own. a lot on the foreign policy debatech >> bob: i have two questions. how many pictures did you have taken down there? did you run in to any democrats by chance? >> eric: i did. glad you asked. so far i have been tweeting pictures. candy crowley -- >> dana: how did that go? >> eric: i did. i bumped in to generaler the sak frish if obama campaign.
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what do you think president obama will say to define his person sol? she said he's already done that. with iraq an afghanistan. i said answer me this. what if president obama is asked by bob schieffer if the story that ran in "new york times" is true or not, will he tell us what happened there? she said he did. campaign said the story is not true. so i said who is winning right now? she said the debate? i said who is winning the race. she said i don't know but in the swing states, i'd rather be us the obama administration than them. they are thinking that they are in the lead right now. >> greg: how is your face tan? >> eric: doing well. thanks to maureen. making me look very, very tan. i tell you what.
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i saw al-jazeera lined up. they had area in the spin roomism said can i talk to you? what do you want to talk to us about? i said i want to know what you are looking for. they said we know where president obama is on possible attack on iran but not sure where romney is. looking for details on what his policy is regarding iran. >> andrea: eric, this is andrea. so you are the oil expert. no way to have a foreign policy debate without foreign oil. if you were romney would you make it a big issue, bring it domestic and tie it in? >> eric: i think so. that's how you bring foreign policy the debate to the economy, where the sweet spot is. where he made the great grounds romney did. i will tell you, people on the right, lindsey graham and john mccain, spinners on the
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right say let's stay on libya and find out what happened in benghazi. you are right. bring it back to the economy. can't hurt. >> andrea: you bring up the point to libya. trouble off the top. but there could be october surprise. something that the president may say or announce. >> eric: great point. i talk to sean spice. he needs to not step in land mine and not go where president obama can suck him in and ambush him on something he's not expecting. he made a great point. first debate, he defined to the american people he could be president. in the second debate he worked where he didn't want to be and
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got hit. this is romney's to lose. there is a big unemployment number coming out november 2. if romney does well. doesn't step on any land mines and bring the economy back to unemployment they feel it's his race to lose. >> dana: that is perfect segue to my question. if romney were to explain -- youtant get in details about everything. but can he make a case that a stronger economic america under his leadership makes it stronger leader in the world an able to utilize the super power to further peace and strength and bring down the national debt? that would be the key to winning this, to say the economic strength ensures our national security. >> eric: absolutely. great point. a lot of people said on the left said with the extent of
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the debt, the deficit, the $16 trillion, that that is the most national security threat we have more than iran or libya or anywhere nellis the world. but it's a debt that could bring the economy down be. smart for mitt romney to stay that. all i hear to be honest, all i'm hearing, libya, iran, to a certain extent a little on the economy from both sides. what we do around our table on "the five" we'd say push it back to economy. it doesn't feel like they will do it. i asked a lot of people about bob schieffer across the board, both sides of the aisle. fair. he will go at it fairly and move the debate the way he wants to. it doesn't get better than bob schieffer. >> bob: good point. if romney were to come out with a statement we ought to show strength there our leadership ability and the reaganesque thing, what if somebody says to him what are you going to do about it?
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>> eric: good point. a lot of people are saying -- the left was on this morning. schultz on the talk show as well trying to define romney as a guy looking for another war. on the right they say he doesn't look to start another war with iran. romney needs to say here i am on the issue. libya. egypt, iran. >> bob: do you think he is in a position to say where he is on egypt? >> eric: he has to. he has to say this is where i am on tissue and i want to be president. i better define in no uncertain terms where i am. you talk about peace through strength what about the topic of defense cut? that has to take a major
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portion of this. >> eric: it didn't come up once. never ever brought up. it may tonight with bob schieffer, not sure. even the rnc they are look to hone in whether or not there was a coverup after libya and drone over the benghazi compound. while americans were dying. if the intel community with the state department and what the white house knew. get it down to one story. >> bob: romney gets in the weeds and no answers. he will lose the race. >> andrea: one of the greatest challenges that romney has is not confusing the viewer at home with the details. it is confusing topic.
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he didn't answer kerry's question at hofstra university when he said what did you do to secure the consulate the previous two times it was attacked? he dropped the ball. the important of why did he cover it up but why did they fail to secure the consulate in the months leading up to it. >> eric: romney has to asked what did you know, when did you know it? we need answers before november 6. >> dana: how can romney keep himself out of trouble? but obama has harder time. he has a record to defend. in 2008, i'll close gitmo. now things he promised in 2008 and has not done. he has to answer for the fact under his watch al-qaeda has metastasiseed and become something else.
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i think president obama has a harder time tonight explaining his record on foreign policy. >> eric: i got to tell you quickly, if i may, both senators graham and mccain pointed out that al-qaeda is not dead, not on their heels. >> bob: are you and mccain going to bar tonight or what? >> eric: i'm surprised people walking in and out. later in the show i show you pictures of what went on when mccain walked in. people want to know what a prisoner of war has to say about war. >> greg: kimberly, a question to you. do you think the rising sea levels will come up in the debate? foreign policy issue. >> kimberly: global warming, question from al gore.
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press him, don't be afraid not to press him. >> greg: sounds good to me. go back to florida later this hour. for more with eric and his gorgeous tan. but coming up. libya factor in the crucial foreign policy debate. what will president obama's story be this time? will they get a straight answer? it starts at 8:55 eastern. could have been #:0 9:00 but it. back in a moment. make me a sandwich. suspension and agility. the only trail capable side-by sides, featuring the ultimate value rzr 570. the only 4-passenger sport machines, lead by the all-new rzr xp 4.
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♪ ♪ >> andrea: welcome back to "the five." president obama likes to characterize himself as a man who takes responsibility. remember when he said this about libya at the last debate? >> i'm the president. i'm always responsible. that is why nobody is more
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interested in finding out what happened than i do. >> it's kind of strange that a spokeswoman stephanie cutter had this reaction when she had a chance to take responsibility? morning. >> the president can see this is a foreign policy failure. >> no. anytime american lives are lost it's terrible tragedy. the president made sure to make sure every other embassy was protected went're getting to the bottom of it. work the investigation through. it's important we not political is process. other tragedies, 9/11, the country came together. unfortunate those across the aisle try to divide us apart right now. >> andrea: four americans are dead and no it wasn't a foreign policy failure? not just miscutter that is spreading this around. listen to axelrod trying to pin it on a party. >> only one candidate
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exploited it from the begin while the flames were burning in mitt romney, romney sent out political press releases on this. the republican party followed. >> andrea: if they try and scapegoat romney tonight, for 90 minutes it's difficult. they can't last 90 minutes. >> dana: it's a light touch. maybe a serious answer but won't pick up majority of the debate. we have a lot to get to. if the white house did not mislead on the timeline they would haven't this. stories fizzle if there is nothing else left. this is the front page of most papers. cbs broke news. not just republican party. they have a huge problem. they put out campaign officials out talking about this. they should have not done it from the beginning. they politicized it from the get go. now you don't have any
2:20 pm
officials. no one from the government, no one from the intel community. >> andrea: at the last debate. the libya question came up and he looks at romney for disdain for bringing it up. he said i'll bring him to justice now! >> kimberly: that is the problem with his foreign policy. reck lest. >> bob: height of juvenile foreign policy to open your mouth before a foreign policy crisis is over. and people are still alive. you say 90 minutes. that is the mindset of the republicans. libya. the world is a big place. sad thing we lost four people. but in the scheme of people it's a big world. a lot to talk about. romney has -- >> andrea: that sounds like the president. >> dana: i just said that. >> bob: i know you did. you said, "you republicans." >> bob: you say "you
2:21 pm
republicans" generally -- >> greg: wait, wait, wait. obama was slow on the security vacuum and fast on blaming the video. he blamed the video. so they are inconsistent. what happens is they conflated a mistake with a crime covering it up. obama should admit this. >> bob: 20 on the video and one was not, right? >> kimberly: don't stand by the video. maybe he wouldn't have fanned the blames of violence. maybe it's his fault. >> bob: have you looked at the timeline? >> greg: believe it or not, i prepared for the >> bob: you have? >> greg: where is the mob. tell me. >> bob: how long after what happened in libya did the
2:22 pm
riots senator cairo? >> greg: they saved people at the embassy. >> andrea: the riots in cairo happened first. >> bob: why did they happen? why did they happen in cairo? >> dana: anybody who follows this know it well, the intel and the dni said they realize it wasn't about the video. something different. don't take it from me. >> bob: i said it was terrorist act in the beginnin beginning. >> greg: this is baloney. according to the notes from the meeting, we were supposed to define -- wait, i want to make a point here. according to our notes from the meeting we were supposed to define obama strategy on libya. good luck.
2:23 pm
he hasn't. that's why we are arguing. nobody can follow anything obama -- >> andrea: we have to go and the point is president is going to -- >> greg: this is not a political argument. >> bob: yes, it is. >> andrea: ready? the president will accuse romney of playing politics. i don't think it goes over well. coming up, eric bolling is bombing back more with intel on what will happen at the shoshowdown. >> good management preserving the peace requires we control the events and try to intercept before they become crisis. all right. lessonlessons from the giper nen "the five." ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] humana and walmart have teamed up
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♪ ♪ >> dana: what we can do on "the five" criticize a topic i was going to talk about and continue to talk about libya. greg, going in the break you wanted last word about the politicizing of this. go for it. >> greg: number one. left didn't care about the story and then they cared about it for one day. the day after the debate when obama got a break from candy that shows the left wing, msn, driven more by what affects obama than what affects the american people. politicalization. if you ask obama about fracking he will bring up kil killing usama bin laden. the left invented politicalization. in the 1970s, do you
2:29 pm
remember personal is political? that was a left wing line. it meant whether it's the sexually or the religion or the food you ate or the animal you had. every single thing was politicized. the eselection a political process. this is politics, damn straight. sorry. >> andrea: kimberly -- >> kimberly: wow! who do you want as the commander-in-chief? someone who of skates and someone not listening to the urgent pleas backed up by the military intelligence? if he headed the warnings, the secretary of state, state department heeded warnings we'd have four americans alive today. it shouldn't be civilized. there are other things going on in the world.
2:30 pm
this is indicative of failing foreign policy. >> bob: your choice between obama and guy corporate raider, governor of massachusetts and bailed out - -- >> kimberly: not a corporate raider. >> andrea: team obama is rye on his likability. all he did is get bin laden. the popularity is nothing without credibility. libya has hurt the president's credibility on the issue. they will try to paint romney as warmonger. president obama is the only president i know that won the nobel peace prize conducting a war in iraq and afghanistan. whether you agree with it or not, dropping drones in pakistan, yemen and somalia.
2:31 pm
i get calling romney warmonger is politicizing it, too because mothers have war fatigue. >> bob: he expanded the two wars. >> eric: he expanded them. >> dana: if we can get this cued up. in 1980 -- we don't have it. they tried to paint ronald reagan as a warmonger. could it be true here? >> bob: ronald reagan had years to talk about a lot of things. a lot of allies that spoke up for him. romney is juvenile when it comes to this. start with this, it was stronger than before he took over. >> dana: because bush expanded it? why is it stronger? >> bob: because obama put
2:32 pm
more money and time and meetings in it. we were involved in two wars and public is not interested in us getting involved in more. >> andrea: you sant kay that when you refuse to put boots on the ground and lead from behind. >> why put boots on the ground in libya. ridiculous. that would be ridiculous. slaughter. >> i'm not agreeing or disagreeing with you. be the argument never holds up. >> bob: i wish you didn't hear the words boots on the ground. we have enough boots that should come home. >> greg: romney was governor of massachusetts he didn't bomb vermont and he wanted to.
2:33 pm
>> dana: he is strong on that. politically, most of the americans agree with him on it. directly ahead. let me speak. president bush won -- this is your story. won 107 counties in 2004. that election. president obama goes back to his column in 2008. who is going to get that next time around? could be decisive. that is a question on election day. 107 counties is what it comes down to. on that story when we come back. ♪ atmix of the world needs a broader that's why we're supplying natural gas to
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>> eric: i'm bret baier in boca raton, florida.
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site of the presidential debate. tonight on "special report" we preview the matchup between the candidates on foreign policy at a time when global events are making news. this comes as the polls indicate a tight rain. the gallup daily tracking poll has mitt romney ahead 51-45. real clear politics average has the governor up by half a point. why does it seem democrats are questioned in this more than republicans? brit hume has explanation and analysis. libya will no doubt come up in the debate. they continue to deny the murder of ambassador and three other americans as foreign policy failure. the back and forth will lead to heated exchange. we'll break down the all important electoral college map with karl rove and joe trippi and the state-by-state polling information. "special report" from florida starts at 6:00 eastern now. back to "the five."
2:39 pm
♪ ♪ >> bob: this is a first. credence clearwater survival, right? >> greg: no. >> bob: damn. to get to 270, he may come down to 117 counties and nine swing states which one of the counties in 2004 and obama took it in 2008. take a look at florida to start. we look at three states and we'll get the other states this week and next week. florida, you can see the counties are in the senator o -r of the state. it's the battle in florida, key corridor, tampa corridor. that's where obama upset expectation and took florida. the democrats will win the
2:40 pm
south. republicans will win north. >> bob: let's look at virginia. >> dana: a lot of what you'll see on the map are suburban counties. that matter for three reasons. your house is probably worth less than when you bought it. gas prices are higher than four years ago and you pay more to get to work. third thing is something ann romney touched on at the convention speech. moms look for one thing. comfort and time. they take care of their paren parents. suburban moms matter. >> eric: a lot of -- >> bob: a lot of those counties were western part of
2:41 pm
the state. new tragedy. republican goes west. a rural county. the chances of obama doing well are not as good. >> greg: i have been looking at polls and my three favorite polls. first, the north poll, where santa lives. the next, fishing poles. i catch fish. i don't eat i just watch them die. favorite pole, pope john paul ii. greatest pope ever >> bob: can we go to ohio, big prize in this election. there are not as many swing counties in that state. if you look down in southwest corner of hamilton county, around cincinnati, traditionally been a republican area, obama did well in the suburbs. dana point, suburban problem for obama. that he has to worry about. the other is around ki yoga
2:42 pm
county, heavily democratic. >> andrea: you hear a lot about the turn-out gain. the independent voter, the swing voter the reason the president is having trouble suburban women make that up and rural men. it's vacillating the whole -- baffling the whole time why you talk about birth control not other issues. ohio is doing well. people say why is ohio not on the president's checklist? >> andrea: i'll ask kimberly. swing polls in these states what do they tell you? >> kimberly: significant. now we have seen obama holding as much as ten-point lead. that is cut in half. trending obama. new state. dead heat in ohio. whether he can overtake him, we'll see.
2:43 pm
>> bob: ohio is worrying me. catch an anity's show at 11:00 eastern. followed by greta van susteren. coming up we go to the sunshine state and sunshine man eric bolling. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: bolling dancing. there you go. welcome to the pre-game coverage before the third and final presidential debate in boca raton, florida at lynn university. eric is back. what has it been like for you today? it looks fun! >> i just thought i'd do a video, picture montage of the day. fantastic. i have been tweeting the pictures. first one, you walk in the spin room and there are two stages there. obama stage and romney stage. the first one is the obama stage. you can see that is fantastic. look at the romney stage a few minutes later.
2:48 pm
that is mccain in front of the romney stage. got it? we don't have that. great people walking around here. romney stage. bret baier, i bumped in to him and we chatted about what he'd report on. fantastic. young romney fans. they love "the five." the last one coming up to do the show, i bumped in to candy crowley. how are you? she is like who are you? [ laughter ] >> bob: did you have young obama supporters you got together with? >> eric: i didn't see anyone walking around. i would have talked to them. i'd be honest, there weren't democrats here.
2:49 pm
i looked for democrats to talk to. i'm fair and balanced. >> kimberly: i'm curious about candy. you approached her. how did it come about? >> eric: she was talking to governor rick scott. producers said anybody but him. candy, i want to say been hard on you. i wonder what you expect out of bob schieffer. i said i'm with "the five" on fox news in new york. she said okay. he will be fair. she was wearing flip-flops. >> andrea: so you ran in to stephanie cutter. have you seen the romney folks? what are they saying about what the strategy will be tonight? >> eric: i saw stephanie
2:50 pm
cutter walk by but i didn't talk to her. the rnc were here. for some reasons the campaigns pulled back from this part of the spin. i guess right after the debat debate. the spin room is huge. it will be interesting. i'll live tweet throughout the debate. tweet fox nation. i'll sweet for go on "hannity" later. there is a huge twitter following. they said we love what you are doing. can i wear this on tv? i can't wear it. hello, i'm@ericbolling. >> dana: we are having a contest about who is more shameless? >> kimberly: i'm thinking. >> greg: i want to -- >> eric: no. you have to understand this. it was perfectly sunny. blue sky over there. pouring rain. >> dana: what happens to your tan if it comes in contact with rain? america wants to know.
2:51 pm
>> bob: that's real tan, it's not made up? >> andrea: eric, don't answer the question. >> bob: did you rent your car to go down there? >> kimberly: why are you asking that? >> bob: i'm just curious. >> eric: why? >> kimberly: bob is upset he didn't cover a debate. we would have lost him. >> eric: you would have been a big hit here. not a lot of democrats here. a lot of people get left point of view what to expect. you should have come down. >> kimberly: it's a good one. thanks to eric bolling with a fox news weather alert. hannity tonight and live tweeting. shameless twitter plugs. pay back time right now. you know what time it is? this is what a dadely does lady. it's one more thing. ♪ ♪
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>> greg: time for one more thing. i officially won as many tour de france titles as lance armstrong. because he was a cheat. roll what i said six months ago on this program. >> he is a hero. kids walk around with the livestrong yellow wristbands
2:56 pm
but as a dad i can't feel good about my kid looking up to lance armstrong. >> greg: the clue he was on something he won the fifth tour de france without using a bike. amazing. i have to say, it's a shame he destroyed the massive appeal to professional cycling. can we admit it's the most boring thing on the planet and he was the only thing mildly interesting about it. he's a cheater. after i said that, you wouldn't be the heck i got on twitter from people accusing me of horrible things. apology accepted. dana? >> dana: i remember that. in the commercial break yesterday i asked bob a question which was apropos for today's one more thing. they always had a best friend in the world, all the presidents so look back and margaret thatcher was his best friend in the world. bush, george h.w. bush had a lot of friends.
2:57 pm
clinton and blair were thick as thieves. bush and corzumi. one of his favorite friends wayd there. so two is president obama's best friend in the world? you can't think of one. only guy i think of is this guy who played a president one time. there you go. a great question. >> greg: he played a president? >> dana: he did. last year. >> greg: i don't think so. >> andrea: i thought we'd put your best friend in the world. i love katy perry a lot. a lot. i can work out to "firework" and i heard the best version of the song. this is from too many stars, america comes together for autism. a little girl named jodie but
2:58 pm
they learn she has a beautiful gift of music. so she joined katy perry to do a rendition of "firework." take a listen. ♪ ♪ ♪ did you know there's still a chance for you ♪ ♪ there is a spark in you ♪ you've got to ignite ♪ let it shine ♪ for the fourth of july >> andrea: it's great. if you go online you can see her parents' story and how they worried about her. you have a child with autism an you think your dreams and they all die when you think about it. but they don't. great guest. >> kimberly: are you choked up? >> bob: i am.
2:59 pm
amazing. it was beautiful. >> andrea: enough. >> bob: nick news did vote of kids and who they would vote for, for president. 65% for barack obama. 35% for romney. that is exactly where i think a lot of places it will end up. in my house. >> andrea: dream on. >> greg: that makes perfect sense. only kids would believe it. it's crap. >> bob: that is not nice to say that. >> kimberly: please! guess what? the senior producer and jenna lee from "happening now" participated in an event i'd never be able to do. the tough mother. there she is. porter is in background and still came to work last night. i don't know how. he represented "the five"
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